May 21st, 2011


American corruption, Iran, and Republican hypocrisy

* Good read: our government is pretty demonstrably corrupt, but there's no outrage.
* Interesting: Marc Lynch on why the administration's strategy on Iran has been more successful than people realize, and where we can go from here.
* Kevin Drum on why Obama's Middle East speech wasn't that interesting.
* Joel Achenbach on the idea of selling off government assets to pay down the debt.
* Hey, remember when Senate Republicans made a big noise about judicial nominees getting an up-and-down vote? Funny story.
* "When an electable candidate like Mr. Huckabee decides not to run, it's bad news for Republicans, and when an unelectable candidate like Mr. Trump decides not to run, it's good news for the party."
* Solid gold: Colbert has a Gingrich campaign statement read by John Lithgow.
* The question for our generation: "what would Indiana Jones do?"