May 17th, 2011


The infrastructure and regenerating flatworms

* Top read: why the US needs to invest heavily in revamping our infrastructure, and sooner rather than later.
* Why it matters that the ICC indicted Qaddafi.
* Supreme Court rules that if the police knock, don't flush.
* Examining the foreign policy views and experience of the Republican contenders.
* Another example of the Tea Party looking to sanitize history. Yeesh.
* Whoah. Regenerating a flatworm from a single cell.
* Asking advertisers to drop buys on Fox News over gay slurs.
* I don't normally report on personal scandals, but Schwarzenegger really went above and beyond the call of duty here.
* Happy 50th for It's Academic!


about those checks and balances

"It's not necessarily illogical to make jurisprudential predictions based on judicial politics when it comes to the health reform appeals. The results in every one of the cases about the law have, thus far, perfectly tracked ideology. Three lower courts have upheld the law as constitutionally valid, while two have struck down all or parts of it. No judge appointed by a Democratic president has had a problem with it, while no Republican appointee has voted to uphold it. Based on the recent 4th Circuit hearing, that pattern looks likely to hold, at least in the near term. If there is an enduring political lesson to be learned from all this, it's that Congress should fight over judicial appointments from now until forever."