May 8th, 2011



Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms out there in the world. Good work!

And while I'm here, happy day to all the 'cool aunts' in the extended tribe as well. Maybe we need a cool aunts day as well.


busy busy

Did some gaming Thursday. Well, it was a clever simulacrum. Anima Tactics, 300 points of Samael, and my losing streak continues. Not disheartened.

No Z. today. Instead, U-Haul truck rented (tiny) and out to VA. Picked up two free couches, one to trash, one to replace our couch. Slightly smaller profile, but no that much smaller. Back east, couch installed with some lifting help from the housemate. Soon, family dinner for Mother's Day and Dad's birthday. Next two weeks, equally busy, but trying to sneak plans with cool people in there.