April 23rd, 2011


Spring Break '11

Just posted a Flickr set from our spring break with Z. Basically, we swapped around days so we would get Z. for four days in a row.

Rough outline: Sunday, headed down to southern MD to visit M.'s parents, including Z. getting her new (to her) bike. Monday, picnic/nature hike, back to Rockville. Tuesday, movie with Z. and my parents. Dinner was at the Silver Diner, and featured the musical stylings of a banjo player playing kids music. And I think it was roughly Earth Day-themed. Seriously. Wednesday was Dave & Busters, which turned out to be a bit of a marathon, but we all had fun.

More in comments as I think of it.


Unlikely disasters, the AU, and Seanbaby's 100

* Joel Achenbach has a pep talk for us. Also, I forgot to link to his excellent piece on unlikely disasters in March.
* Good education should be a right, not a crime.
* "The AU is Africa's worst institution except for all the others."
* Glenn Greenwald on Obama's comments on Manning.
* As much as I like to see the right take a fall, I think they're right that we need to do something about reforming entitlements.
* David Von Drehle on the problems with AARP.
* Globalization also brings us a new world of foreign films.
* Monster movies help give a face to our fears of nuclear energy.
* Fan favorite Seanbaby with what he learned from writing one hundred articles for Cracked.com.