April 16th, 2011


Oppressive security, the antiwar movement, and Romney

"What happened over the past two weeks, then, was more about staking out positions than about enacting policies. On one side you had a combination of mean-spiritedness and fantasy; on the other you had a reaffirmation of American compassion and community, coupled with fairly realistic numbers. Which would you choose?"

* Good read: when oppressive security measures become routine instead of objectionable. (Courtesy multiplexer.)
* And speaking of: one of the clues the TSA looks for when screening for airport security is people complaining about airport security.
* Hey, remember that big antiwar movement we had for a few years there?
* "If Romney is to become president, he needs the country, and conservatives, to come looking for someone like him."
* I have nothing but snark for Republicans feeling ambushed by the president.
* Things I couldn't make up if I tried: Ayn Rand dating site.
* Manga giant Tokyopop clsoes its North American operations.
* Sir Terry Pratchett to film BBC documentary about assisted suicide.