April 14th, 2011


Voyager I, high-speed rail, and Dr. Seuess

* "American families need to earn at least $68,000 a year to achieve basic economic security, a new report says. That's more than three times higher than the national poverty level."
* Good read: how conservatives are making a concerted effort to defund the left.
* Analysis: "It's on: Obama takes iron fist to GOP."
* Examining the Republican party's struggle with diversity.
* Lame. 'White House bars gay groups from military families event.'
* Fact-checking high-speed rail projects.
* Voyager I set to enter deep space.
* "From suicidal astronauts to bestiality, you can learn a lot about what makes the world's worst tyrants tick from the terrible books they write."
* Nice! Collection of lost Dr. Seuss works to be published this fall.