April 11th, 2011


Ship-based lasers, Singer's Superman, and Liberty University

* Rikuzentakata, a small town swallowed by the sea
* "These supposedly deficit-reducing cuts — they'd barely make a dent — will quite literally cause more people to starve to death, go to bed hungry or live more miserably than are doing so now."
* Former Ivory Coast President Gbagbo arrested, finally.
* The secret shame of rape in our military.
* Remember, Republicans don't want NPR or Planned Parenthood to get one dollar from the government, but are just find with Jerry Falwell's Liberty University getting millions and millions.
* Related: Arizona rules in favor of tax dollars for religious schools.
* Study defines behavior among teens as virtaully contagious.
* Navy ship uses a high-energy laser to disable a nearby boat.
* Bryan Singer admits he screwed up his Superman movie.


taxation without representation

"Washington's mayor and several members of the District of Columbia Council have been arrested while protesting restrictions on the district that are part of a federal budget deal. Mayor Vincent Gray and others sat down and blocked the street in front of a Senate office building Monday. They chanted and shouted, 'Hey, hey, no, no, those D.C. riders have got to go.' About 30 people were arrested, including Council Chairman Kwame Brown."