April 8th, 2011



Revolutions was decent last night. Well, I had a good time at least. The new venue (I never made it to the old one) is not overly large, but I like the setup, and two different dancefloors means I'm more likely to find music I like. And the company I was with was good. The downside was the place was pretty empty. Yes, effectively a new night, and a school night to boot, but still, the place was clearing out after midnight. So, fingers crossed it catches on.


The budget fight and voodoo economics

* "If this doesn't change your view of who really runs the world, I don't know what would."
* On photographing disasters in Japan and Haiti.
* US ally Bahrain continues its crackdown on reform protesters.
* The battle over the shutdown isn't just about the money. It's also about sneaking in policy changes.
* How conservatives have back themselves into a corner on the budget fight.
* Paul Krugman calls the Ryan plan voodoo economics.
* Luxury products are OK in China. You just can't advertise them, lest people catch on.
* Dana Milbank on what finally did in Glenn Beck's show.
* In a world of pointless remakes, we still don't need a remake of The Crow.