April 5th, 2011


this, that

The fall of print media gives Marvel an uncertain future.

Nice. Hero Complex is asking various people what Captain America means to them.

NPR's Michel Martin talks to Reginald Hudlin about reviving the Black Panther.

These Thor movie posters are a good start.

Chris Sims has a history of ROM the Spaceknight.

Ten major comic books events that actually mattered.

Reclaiming Dungeons and Dragons.


yeesh [updated]

It's official: dying computer, which was more or less Frankenstein'ed from hosuemates leftovers, now officially deceased. This is tragic. I mean, I will survive. But no real gaming for a while, and I will be a nomad between my work laptop and borrowing M.'s laptop. Fingers crossed, will start pricing out things, um, maybe next month? Definitely no sooner than that.

Might cheer myself up by hitting Sucker Punch on Friday, if anyone's available/interested. Or maybe Your Highness. Drop me a note. (Yes, Revolution still on for Thursday too, although unsure if M. will be joining me or no.)