April 2nd, 2011


Gingrich, an Israeli checkpoint, and teachers

* Gallery: the youth of the Arab revolutions.
* Why we need to do better for our teachers.
* Good read: on the ground at an Israeli checkpoint.
* Looking for a silver lining in defunding public media.
* "Why did USAID suspend one of its biggest contractors without any explanation?"
* On the demographics of a conservative.
* Interesting story on psychologically tricking people into better behavior. Would like to read more.
* Nice. The Onion takes on Gingrich.
* A filmmaker returns to the Westboro Baptist family after releasing his scathing documentary on them.

Rock Star

In Concert: Peter Murphy

OK, gotta get back in the habit of journalling these things...

Caught up with pictsy last night. The concert was her suggestion, and I'm glad she brought it up. She drove us out to the State Theater, we snagged our tickets. Filled time before concert with tasty Irish food, good conversating, and browsing the local game store (Complete Strategist.) Man, they cram a lot of game store into a very small location.

Opening band (Livian) was very loud and rock, but otherwise not memorable. The drummer really, really put his everything into it, which was a treat.

Peter Murphy came out, looking like a cross between Bill Nighy and Hugo Weaving, but in a good way. And man, he joked about his age, but he put in a fine performance with a lot of energy. Great rapport with the crowd, very professional work with the band and crew, and still an excellent voice. He did most of the big hits, and during the first (of two) encores, he even switched it up by breaking into the middle of one song and switching to the lyrics to one Bela Lugosi's Dead,' which the (we'll go with 'devoted') crowd totally ate up. Great times.