March 30th, 2011


Targeting educators, wealth inequality, and fighting fire

* Growing story: conservative think tank targets professors who are critical of anti-labor activity. Original here, more here.
* Seven new laws for the G-20 era.
* Debating the rising wealth inequality.
* Analysis: is there an Obama doctrine, and if so, how does it apply to Libya?
* Where the bank bailout failed.
* Small New Mexico town finds itself the center of big-time corruption.
* "How drug companies are making crucial, common drugs up to 100 times more expensive."
* Whoah. Fighting fire with electricity.
* What went wrong with this season's Top Chef? (Spoilers, if you aren't caught up with last week.)

Adult Swim terrorist

Welcome to America, 2011

"If you are wealthy, you are living in the Golden Age of your American Dream, and it's a damned fine time to be alive. The two major political parties are working hammer and tong to bless you and keep you. The laws are being re-written - often by fiat, and in defiance of court orders - to strengthen the walls separating you and your wealth from the motley masses. Your stock portfolio, mostly made by and for oil and war, continues to swell. Your banks and Wall Street shops destroyed the economy for everyone except you, and not only did they get away with it, they were handed a vast dollop of taxpayer cash as a bonus prize...

"The Citizens United Supreme Court decision swept away the last tattered shreds of the façade of fairness in politics and electioneering, and now you own the whole store. You can use your vast financial resources to lie on a national level now, lie with your bare face hanging out, because it works. You're not the bad guy in America. Teachers, cops, firefighters, union members and public-sector employees are the bad guys, the reason for all our economic woes. NPR and Planned Parenthood are the bad guys. You did that, and when governors like Scott Walker rampage through worker's rights on your dime, you chuckle into your sleeve and enjoy your interest rate..."

(Read the rest here.)