March 28th, 2011


Random homicide, military intervention, and being pro-Israel

* Biggest problem the White House has to overcome in explaining its plans for Libya: history shows that military intervention doesn't work.
* The Lululemon murder in Bethesda points out that random homicide is pretty rare, despite what TV shows make us think.
* Rising diversity in the US will change politics, but how?
* New accusations of an Army cover-up in Afghanistan.
* Debating what being 'pro-Israel' means. (IMHO, if you're against criticism of any kind, there's a problem.)
* Nice! An amusing look into the Glenn Beck channel line-up.
* The myth of 3-d immersion at the movies.
* Heh. Why would UFOs need running lights?
* Courtesy, like, everyone: Bioware, makers of Dragon Age 2 responds to the homophobes.