March 24th, 2011

King Mob

(emphasis mine)

"There has been a good deal of talk recently about the public value of unions, much of it framed in the euphemistic language of 'right to work' laws and the alleged unfairness of 'collective bargaining.' There is probably something to be said about how unions have occasionally exploited the power of collective bargaining in ways that may not always be in the public interest, but as Hariman pointed out recently, corporations are no less collective bargaining agents representing the special interests of owners and shareholders. And so it hardly seems reasonable to single out unions as singularly or generically problematic in this regard. But since we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, there might be a different point worth making."


American torture, evangelicals, and anti-labor

* 'Psychologist's notes reveal true purpose behind Bush's torture program.'
* Unrest continues in Syria.
* Fact-checking comparisons between Libya and Darfur.
* Wow. On the ground with politics and corruption in Russia's North Caucasus republics.
* A new challenge to the FISA law.
* Follow-up: remember how Republicans were going to explain the constitutionality of every bill they introduced? Funny story.
* How anti-union are Republicans these days? They're even targeting pro-labor artwork. Seriously.
* It's been said before, but: on the disconnect between modern evangelical Christians and the actual teachings of Jesus.
* Neat. Local vets work to protect schoolchildren in a rough part of Chicago.
* SyFy Channel has an ambitious idea for merging an online game with a new TV show.