March 12th, 2011


Building codes, military force, and CAIR

* How strict building codes saved lives in Japan. Nonetheless, preparation only goes so far in the face of a disaster of this magnitude. Good information clearinghouse here.
* The conflict in Libya brings back the discussion: when is it right to use military force overseas?
* Boo. Maryland punts on gay marriage.
* "Please note: voters are angry because they want jobs."
* How the health-care overhaul lead to a renewal of the battle over abortion.
* Fact-checking the King hearings, including CAIR.
* Air pollution in an unlikely place.
* Gallery: "some of China's thorniest environmental problems are centered on its great rivers, which have been battered by massive damming, pollution, and habitat change."

Darkseid is.

just, ugh

Commute home, Metro car relatively crowded. One end, gaggle of rowdy teenagers talking too loudly. In the middle of the car, large-ish family, clearly tourists, could young kids. At one point, older guy in the family, grandfather or uncle, says very loudly 'Will you please keep it down? You're upsetting our children?' I was closer to the family, and the kids were getting uncomfortable. This, of course, makes the teenagers talk even louder, and inspires one or two of the teenagers to angrily yell back, and a minute or so later, do it again, yelling something about 'making those kids cry.' Seriously. I have a lot of faith in humanity and all, but when someone is yelling at a kid to make them cry? Grrr.