March 9th, 2011


Libya, Guantanamo, and whale sharks

* Unacceptable. Obama opts for indefinite detention at Guantanamo.
* Rebels in Libya struggle to maintain momentum. (Bonus: gallery.)
* Good read: reading between the lines on the Supreme Court decision on the Westboro Baptist protests.
* "The contrast between what we spend on the old and the young is part of a broader problem that threatens America's economic future."
* Nice. Examining the male-privilege checklist.
* Could a 'Big Brother' state be a good thing for the poor?
* Easy sell: examining annual whale shark swarms.
* How about a crazy-awesome picture of the Sun?

What the hell?!

speaking of

I've been particularly bad about documenting comings and goings here for a while. I've got a list of, like, fifty movies to talk about here once I get around to it. But every now and then, something really stands out.

Friday evening, L. and I headed up to Jessup, of all places, for some indoor mini-golf. Which I rapidly found out was Monster Mini-Golf, in all its blacklit and neon glory. It's got a small arcade of video games and coin-operated games, yes, but it's no Chuck-E-Cheese. Full 18-hole mini-golf, with a 'wacky-horror' theme that shines through in amusing tattoo-style art. It was a bit crowded, but you know, Friday evening. But most of the kids were well-behaved, and the adults not too bad either. Plus, good music, like the Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and Animotion's "Obsession" really helped things roll. Highly recommended, you know, next time you're near Jessup.