March 6th, 2011


English major at heart

Slight headache from one (or two) too many ciders last night at the Wharf Rat, and maybe one too few glasses of water. We were celebratin' a fine birthday and catching up with the MD crowd, some of whom I haven't seen in a year. Tragic, and not to be repeated. Also drinking just enough to send a bevy of drunk texts, which on re-reading, I am amused that whenever I misspelled something, I apparently had to resend with spelling corrected.

Darkseid is.


Bad news: jerk cat knocked one of M.'s tiny antique bottles into the sink, and it busted in the garbage disposal.

Worse news: having to fish through the garbage disposal, which I hate on a good day, to pull out sixteen ultrasharp red glass shards out, one at a time.