March 2nd, 2011


Rule #1: stop shooting your partner

Sat down yesterday evening and finally played some Left 4 Dead 2 thanks to the patient assistance of warmaster. (Yes, I like being behind the times with my video games.) Big fun! The controls are close enough to TF2 to cut down on the learning curve for me. And, yes, I need a better mic for gaming, but that's never high on the priority list (since I only video game once or twice a week, max.) Looking forward to shooting up more zombies in the near future.

Of course, playing it also just gave me ideas for minis games, but still.


Sabretooths, prison labor, and Guantanamo

* "Somalia marks a terrible milestone this year: two decades of civil war."
* Thomas Friedman on the other factors behind the revolutions in the Middle East.
* The hidden fallout of Guantanamo.
* David Brooks talks how we should guide future budget cuts and austerity measures.
* Nate Silver on how important unions are to the Democrats, anyways.
* Interesting: using prison labor to fill budget gaps.
* Texas's new anti-immigration bill has an amusingly large exception.
* How a sabretooth used those big teeth.
* In defense of dark matter.
* Catherine Zeta Jones awarded a title by Prince Charles.