February 22nd, 2011

Adult Swim terrorist

some entertainment news distractions

* Mythkeepers: the consulting firm who works to preserve the characters in a multimedia franchise.
* Fresh ideas are still a tough sell in Hollywood.
* On the Robocop statue being built in Detroit.
* "China's 'go-to' typical American guy"
* "In the nearly 9 1/2 years since, Adult Swim has become the proudly goofy gold standard for unconventional comedy on basic cable."
* Write your own punchline: new Christian graphic novel about the apocalypse to be drawn by one Rob Liefeld.


As you sow, so shall you reap.

"Republican state lawmakers, emboldened by their swollen ranks, have a message for minorities, women, immigrants and the poor: It's on! In the first month of the new legislative season, they have introduced a dizzying number of measures on hot-button issues in statehouses around the country as part of what amounts to a full-throttle mission to repeal, restrict and repress."