February 7th, 2011


Privacy, the Sun, and Thundercats

* Detained reporters shed light on the Egyptian police and their methods.
* Three scenarios for what comes next in Cairo.
* Man, who would stand up for Mubarak these days? Oh, wait.
* How will al Qaeda react to the Egypt uprisings?
* After working to stop health care reform, Republicans may focus on abortion.
* "Did the internet kill privacy?"
* "What's at stake here is reality — screens and their power to swallow up the actual in the neatly framed and perfectly lit."
* Neat. Two satellites move to opposite sides of the Sun to gather new data.
* A little new info about the next J.J. Abrams movie, Super 8.
* And yes, the new Thundercats will be anime-influenced.



Riddler - finally fixed.
Z. - officially, strep throat.
Missing credit card - located.
Errand/chore card for tomorrow - almost filled.

All weekends are like this, right?