January 22nd, 2011


Detainee deaths, marketing, and Roger Ailes

* "Thousands of documents detailing the deaths of 190 U.S. detainees were released by the ACLU on Friday. The U.S. military gave the ACLU the documents earlier in the week as a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the rights group."
* 'How traumatic events change our view of language.'
* Republican committee recommends big budget cuts for the next decade.
* Another look at the fallout of the first Iraq war.
* Top headline: "Joe Lieberman was the best unprincipled troll senator ever"
* Oh, wow. Rep. Bachmann is going to offer her own State of the Union rebuttal.
* "Why North Korea isn't fooling anyone with its new social media propaganda."
* Ooh. Fascinating Esquire profile of Roger Ailes. (Courtesy ninjacooter.)
* Interesting look at the future of marketing.
* And Archie Comics leaves the Comics Code, ending an era.