January 20th, 2011


Baltimore, democracy, and prairiedogese

* "Why Mexico - and the rest of the world - is getting less democratic."
* Good read: Paul Krugman on the science of economics, and why business leaders aren't always experts. (Courtesy lemonruss.)
* White House moves back to tribunals for Guantanamo prisoners.
* Fact-checking on Obama, China, and human rights.
* Despite 'government takeover of health care' being called the lie of the year for 2010, Republicans continue to use and abuse it.
* "Baltimore police commissioner slams The Wire, David Simon slams Baltimore police commissioner."
* WTOP has new owners.
* Learning to speak 'prairiedogese.'
* Interesting: examining Mormon housewife blogs.


well hell

"Big Brother may already be watching you in the District, and he will soon have a lot more eyes trained in your direction. The city's homeland security agency is planning to add thousands of security cameras from private businesses around the nation's capital and the Metro system to the thousands of electronic eyes that authorities are already monitoring 24/7."