January 18th, 2011


collaborate and listen

Snow day for Z.! But really like 'an inch of ice' day, which now only sounds less cool, but is definitely less fun for playing in. Tragic part is it's also usually chores day for me, and errands day, so not a whole lot of bonus time with the munchkin. Plus, need to clean off the housemate's car, which definitely sounds like less fun.


Tunisia, Minecraft, and the n-word

* Must see: The Daily Show on the Mark Twain censoring.
* What the overthrow of Tunisia means to the Arab world. Marc Lynch wonders where the support is for democracy?
* Five myths about defense spending.
* Examining the cult of the Constitution.
* Kicking the can: no legislative hope in sight for transportation in Northern Virginia.
* A Wikipedia microcosm seen in the entry for Jesus Christ.
* Good read for gamers: why Minecraft matters.