December 31st, 2010


2010 wrap-up, part one

* gives us their top ten underreported stories of the year.
* The Onion 20: the people who mattered in 2010. Good read!
* Joe Klein on media noise and the year of living predictably.
* "They seemed so important at the time, didn't they?" John Ridley presents the top "nontroversies" of the year.
* looks back with the ten worst predictions for 2010.
* "The Year in Fear"
* The busted myths of 2010.
* This Week in Crazy wraps things up with 'the year in crazy.'
* Nice! Comparing hwo the world has changed between 2000 and 2010. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)
* reviews some of the top memes of the year. (Courtesy warmaster.)


Mecca, Facebook, and women's sports

* Ezra Klein on the Tea Party and reading the Constitution.
* 'Let's put out coins featuring countries we've occupied.
* America's other drug problem.
* Israel deals with its own illegal immigration problems.
* Kevin Drum with the numbers on why liberals compromise.
* Saudi Arabia isn't winning any friends with its marketing of Mecca.
* For the first time, Facebook was visited more often than Google in 2010. However, retailers are finding out that social media exposure doesn't always translate into higher sales.
* Joel Achenbach on women's sports and Glee.

Rock Star


Getting dressed and heading out west shortly to ring in the new year. I'm a big fan of the holiday, and wish I could celebrate it with everyone I like. But in case I don't get to see you tonight or call or text or what have you, have a great New Year's!