December 30th, 2010


Terrorists, a world news tour, and Wolverine

* Four years later, Mexico remains a warzone.
* Troubling questions on how Pakistan is handling its captives.
* 'Scandal threatens India's economic growth.'
* Good read: how lone-wolf terrorist plots lead to a shift int anti-terrorism tactics.
* So, what next for the Ivory Coast?
* Michael Scherer discusses the relationship between Obama and McConnell.
* Party of no: Obama uses recess appointments to get around Republican obstruction.
* Is it OK if cities and states go bankrupt?
* lists five stories for Aronofsky to read before making the next Wolverine movie.


2010 in science news

* National Geographic presents the ten most viewed archaeology stories of the year, and the best space discoveries.
* Here's the weirdest newly discovered species of the year.
* Bonus pic: catching the sun's path in the sky in a single frame.
* Time picks their top scientific discoveries.
* It was also a good year for neanderthals and DNA.
* A gallery of the most amazing science images of the year. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Easy sell: the baby zoo animals of 2010.
* Predicting what's coming in the next year... from back in 1931.

As always, please add anything more you find in comments.