December 29th, 2010


Military revision, and simulating *everything*

* Military admits there's no practical way to seal the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
* The Army revises its reports on what happened in the battle of Wanat.
* New world order: modernizing boot camp for today's recruits.
* The return of Obama the centrist.
* Detailing how budget cuts are hitting public education in Georgia.
* Census shows how the recession affected where people moved in America.
* Interesting: China cuts exports on rare earth minerals. Bonus: five facts about rare earth minerals.
* "An international group of scientists are aiming to create a simulator that can replicate everything happening on Earth."
* The challenge of sorting out the massive amounts of data produced by the LHC.


In Theaters: Tron: Legacy

So despite a slow year at the theaters for me, I did make it out to see Tron: Legacy. Highly enjoyable sci-fi action. In essence, it's a chase flick, but one with an interesting scifi overlay, and the legacy tie-back to the cult flick of a previous generation. While it does expand on the concepts of the original, if they're going to expand this into a new trilogy/franchise, there's some things they will need to explain, but I have faith in them after seeing this. Jeff Bridges really did a better job than I expected. The kid playing the son wasn't bad, either. (But man, Captain Sheridan Bruce Boxleitner's looking old.) Really, the movie wins on the visuals, but you didn't need me to tell you that. Check it out on the big screen.

New trailers:
* Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Maybe? I want Dinobots, bitches.
* Rio - I'm hoping it isn't as bland as it looks.
* The Green Hornet - The new trailer has won me over. Hopefully a good mix of action and comedy.
* Real Steel - Maybe? Could be fun. Not sure why Kurt Russel isn't in it. (Bonus: Kate and Keamy from Lost.)
* Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Ian McShane is an excellent trade-up from Orlando Bloom.
* Mars Needs Moms - Nope.
* Cars 2 - The first one is probably my least favorite Pixar movie, so I really don't see the need for another. The trailer did not disavow me of that belief.