December 19th, 2010

Darkseid is.


Got home after midnight, after having been at work all day. Here's the recreation of the kitty crime scene as I found it.

1.) Someone threw up in the doorway to M.'s office. Likely Riddler, as Kira was never a big puker.

2.) Someone knocked the Lego AT-AT off the top shelf in the bedroom. Again, likely Riddler, as Kira is also not a big jumper. Note this shelf was pretty much the last refuge for stuff where we could put stuff up so that Riddler could not get to it. No longer a refuge. Found most of the Lego parts, maybe two pieces remain missing.

3.) A certain cat got up on the kitchen counters, again where cats specifically do not belong.
a.) This individual knocked one of the stones from M.'s art project into the cats' water dish below.
b.) Numerous measuring spoons from the drying rack on the counter were found on the kitchen floor and the living room floor.
c.) The real victory: a box of toothpicks was thrown from the counter, and apparently batted through the kitchen, through M.'s office, and into the bedroom, which also lead to the discovery of the Lego pieces from example 2 above.

4.) Said water dish was mostly emptied onto the floor. I did not think they could lift it enough to do this. Entirely wrong. Big puddle of water, which dissolved the dried cat food on the floor into a pretty foul mess.

5.) One of the dishcloths was also either knocked into the water dish, or next to it. Either way, soaking wet.

This is epic-scale kitty malfeasance, people.

Darkseid is.


As noted previously, the kitten is very naughty.

To cap off last night's tale, today while I was fixing Z.'s lunch, I stepped out of the kitchen for two minutes. In that timespan, he leaped on to the counter, stole a piece of cheddar cheese, and leaped down and was eating it on the ground. Mind you, I have never known him to eat cheese before this point.

I am beginning to worry about leaving him here to his own devices when we go away for a few days for Christmas. He might actually wreck up the joint.