December 11th, 2010


and yet

My personal e-mail is still down. If it's urgent, call/text the cell. I'm also checking my gmail (paul.jacobus) if you wanna wing something there. It's back.


today's top read

"The Republicans in Congress are currently claiming that we can't possibly devote $12 billion to extending unemployment benefits, because we don't have the money in the budget to pay for it and we have to balance the budget, while simultaneously claiming that we can't possibly let the Bush tax cuts expire, because it's worth going deeper into debt to give millionaires and billionaires a $700 billion tax break. These are not positions that can be held at the same time by any kind of rational human being.

"And the more the Republicans try to insist that they are, the clearer the evidence of their insanity gets, because the rationales they cite are wrong. Demonstrably, provably wrong – tax breaks to millionaires don't promote job growth (if they did, would we have lost 8 million jobs since the tax breaks were enacted?) and they don't stimulate the economy (unemployment benefits do, actually, because the poor have to spend every dime they get and can't save anything, while the rich can just toss that money on the pile.) These people are trying to argue a policy that's incoherent by citing rationales that are incoherent. They refuse to acknowledge reality when reality conflicts with their belief system, and if that isn't a textbook definition of insanity, it’s close enough for everyday life. When did it happen?"


Gays in Africa, climate change, and giant storks

* Trying to spin the tax cut deal as a centrist victory. More on the president's thinking here.
* Homosexuals in Africa increasingly the targets of violence.
* Is Obama embracing Reaganomics?
* Why the estate tax thing is such a sticking point for the non-rich.
* Also, Glenn Greenwald has opinions on Wikileaks. First he talks about all the retaliation, despite, you know, Wikileaks not being found guilty of any crime. He also talks about the lies and propaganda being spread by the media. Both good reads.
* "Mexico supplies the drugs. We supply the users."
* "Face it: There's not much any one person can do about climate change."
* Whoah. Giant stork-like birds once roamed the island of Flores.