December 9th, 2010


Freedom of the press and a Star Wars geek

* Wow. Worshipers at an Islamic center turn in someone preaching violent jihad, only to find out it was an FBI plant.
* Cholera continues to cripple Haiti.
* Will the world be able to avoid another financial crisis?
* Retaliation against Wikileaks leads to question about freedom of the press online.
* A bad sign of things to come: "House bars moving Guantanamo prisoners to US."
* "This is really not going to be a shining moment in the history of the conservative movement."
* Oh hey. Electoral gains mean that Maryland might legalize gay marriage. Fingers crossed.
* Excellent! Disney reaches a deal with Netflix to provide online content.
* Yay! The story of Katie, the Star Wars geek girl, and hwo the web can accomplish some good once in a while.