December 8th, 2010



Here's more evidence of why Batman: the Brave and the Bold is an awesome cartoon. The short intro before the credits is usually a standalone scene from the rest of the episode. They featured one where Batman teams up with the Haunted Tank (yes) to take on obscure mobster Ma Murder. This alone is a treat. But. During the chase scene, the Haunted Tank has to jump over a halfway open bridge and, yes, when the tank jumps into the air, the Dukes of Hazzard 'Dixie' horn plays.


The tax cut compromise, the EPA, and Chicago's coyotes

* Democrats aren't happy with Obama's version of compromise with Republicans. (I do like the hostage negotiation metaphor, though.) Oh, and remember how everyone was up in arms about reducing the deficit? Yeah, nevermind that.
* Ezra Klein finds that the White House is good at negotiating, just bad at explaining what's going on to the public.
* Hope you weren't expecting much from the EPA for the next couple years, either.
* On al Qaeda's use of franchising.
* Bonus Wikileaks reveal: the George Clooney connection!
* "Democrats don't play political hardball as well as Republicans do."
* Yep, those new Republicans are sure changing the tone in Washington.
* Borders might be buying Barnes & Noble.
* Hee. The coyotes of Chicago.


Both courtesy the inimitable asimplelife

This Wikileaks story, as they say, has legs.

Pass it on :


"There is a very simple reason WikiLeaks has sent a furious storm of outrage across the globe and it has very little to do with diplomatic impropriety. It is this: The public is uninformed because of inadequate journalism. ...Very few publishers or broadcasters post reporters to foreign datelines and give them time to develop relationships that lead to information. Consequently, journalism is atrophying from the extremities inward and the small heart it has will soon become even more endangered."