December 7th, 2010


five easy pieces

Why the current empire of gridlock points the way to reforming the filibuster.

multiplexer on Wikileaks, the TSA, and privacy. Speaking of which, David Weigel also has a good note on Wikileaks and distrust.

Actually accomplishing anything on the federal debt would require compromise, which isn't something the government is big on anymore.

David Frum on obesity as a national security issue.

Heh. Impatience as an American virtue.


relevant to my interests

"When we read news stories, we often lack a sense of scale. We read about oil spills, we read about natural disasters in Pakistan and we have a vague idea of what went on, but we often wonder 'How big was that, really?' And now, I am pleased to tell you, there's a website that answers that question. Designed by the BBC, it's called and it allows you to superimpose any number of stories, including the moon walk, over any neighborhood you like."

(See also.)