December 2nd, 2010


Kevin Drum, on point again

"During the lame duck session, a continuing public dedication to bipartisanship might make sense because there may still be a few bills that he can pass with just a few Republican votes. And it's easier to get those votes if he's not out in the Rose Garden every day telling the world that Republicans are all obstructionist assholes.

"But — starting next year that won't be true anymore. Republicans will control the House, and in the Senate it will take a significant chunk of the GOP caucus to get anything passed. Sweet talking Olympia Snowe will no longer even arguably be a viable strategy. Obama's only hope is to draw dramatic contrasts with Republican orthodoxy, call them out relentlessly on their obstructionism and corporate obeisance, and try to rally public opinion to his side. It might not work, but there's no better alternative."


pass it along

From time to time I mention various miniatures games that I play, and often falter at explaining them to those not in 'the scene.'

Luckily, someone else did a better job for one of the games for me. Anatoli put together a couple posts explaining Strange Aeons, the miniatures games where you're an agent trying to stop Lovecraftian cults and monsters from breaking into our world. His first post explains the basics of the game, and then he also does a quick battle report. Check them out if you're interested in seeing what I like to do with my not-so-copious spare time. (He paints better than I do, though.)