November 30th, 2010

Rock Star


"Soul newcomer Diane Birch had earlier hinted to Pop & Hiss that her next album would be 'funky and dark,' and apparently she wasn't kidding. Though the Brooklyn-based artist, who honed her skills working hotel bars around Los Angeles, hasn't unleashed a new original yet, her choice of covers on a seven-track EP, to be released next week by S-Curve Records, should offer a hint. The piano-playing young artist with an old soul tackles the likes of Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnyman and the Cure, among others, giving goth favorites a church-inspired workout. Dubbed 'The Velveteen Age,' the EP opens with a take on Sisters of Mercy's orchestral-synth staple 'This Corrosion,' remaking it as a gospel call-and-response."

(Also, nice.)