November 26th, 2010



Lovely orphans' Thanksgiving with friends out in VA yesterday. Much good discussion, giant piles of food, and some board gaming. People seemed to dig Betrayal at House on the Hill in a big way. I suspect we'll be playing a fair bit of it this holiday season.

Tonight, catching up with someone cool. Tomorrow, hanging out with M., possibly clubbing, depending on the financials. Sunday, Z. and family.


Vikings, the streets of Georgetown, and coffee

* Are we on the path to permanent war.
* Tiny, inexperienced company uses loophole to land a $250 million Army contract that they couldn't even do.
* Lunacy as a strategy on the international state.
* Coffee prices soar due to a rise in global demand.
* Parsing out what what the public knows.
* Wow. In ten years, the cost to equip one Marine has jumped over $5000.
* The twenty most influenital scientists alive today. (Courtesy asmiplelife.)
* Crazy: how genetic testing among Icelanders has lead back to a history of Vikings in America.
* Neat! "The story behind Georgetown's street grid."