November 12th, 2010


Foreign policy plans, the public mandate, and presidents holding ham

* Ten foreign policy headaches facing the White House.
* Good read: Joel Achenbach on the deficit blues.
* Why claiming a public mandate after an election is tricky.
* Eugene Robinson thinks the Democrats need to fight back.
* What if the settlements weren't the real problem in Israel?
* "What the U.S. can learn from the Dutch about teen sex."
* In defense of preserving fallout shelter signs.
* Putting together the soundtrack to the Vietnam war.
* Ahem. Fifteen portraits of presidents with ham.


good read by Michael Scherer

"But the point of this blog post is not inflation or Sarah Palin's reading habits. It's this ironically detached posture that dominates our public discourse, one that I have engaged in many times before. The reasons for this pose, which dominate the savvier cable news shows (I'm looking at you Shep Smith) and the Comedy Central news roundups, is no secret. All authorities have basically failed America - the banks, the media, big business, the government, the elected process. So the way to give yourself credibility is to mock the idea of credibility. Sarah Palin is not a national politician who might run for President and thus must carry the subsequent burdens of having to be accurate and responsible for her words. She is just 'humble folk' making fun of fancy people."