November 6th, 2010


Midterm wrapup, Harry Potter, and the war

"The real story of the 2010 midterm elections wasn't the tea party, but instead the rise of deep-pocketed, secretive outside groups that spent nearly $300 million to influence last night's (and this morning's) results."

* Great read: six conclusions about the midterm elections. Bonus: debunking the myths.
* You know what pretty much no one mentioned during the election? The wars we're still fighting overseas.
* Interesting! Crunching the numbers on exit poll data.
* "62 percent of the Democrats who opposed health care are gone."
* Glenn Greenwald on blaming the left.
* Why moralizing is hurting our efforts to fix the economy. (Courtesy blackflame2180.)
* More evidence of the fallout of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
* Harry Potter as the 'best-managed franchise ever'.
* Chris Sims vs. reader-submitted Halloween costumes. That Bat-Sentry one is fantastic.