November 3rd, 2010


quick hit

Kicked off my birthday-week-and-a-day last night, tasty burgers at the Hamburger Hamlet with a cool chick, going though a pile of books to steal, and show-and-tell*. Also got a present of a custom mini, and an amusing tale to go along with it, once I have time to put together a post on it.

This morning is already problematic, for a couple reasons, reminiscent of yesterday's annoyances. Hopefully nothing major. Time will tell.

Tonight, relaxing at home, and hopefully not a lot of paperwork. Tomorrow, gaming?

* - not like that


post-election edition

* John Dickerson on what happens next, and what this means for the 2012 election.
* We the people: the 60-40 split.
* "But for all the talk of landslides, waves and tsunamis, 2010 produced a relatively typical mid-term election for a new president."
* Under-reported Republicans also shook up state legislatures and governorships. More numbers here.
* National Review has an outline for the new Republican majority.
* How the Tea Party is really pushing their influence.
* Interesting read: "Why the U.S. midterm elections are bad for the global economy."
* Rev. Sun Myung Moon buys back The Washington Times - for $1.