October 4th, 2010


"These days, however, tax-cutters are hardly even trying to make the trickle-down case."

Top read: on the ground in Mogadishu, and why there is no peace for Somalia.

Another must-read from Matt Taibbi: "Tea & Crackers: how corporate interests and Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster." (Courtesy blackflame2180.)

Paul Krugman on the growing anger of the rich. As noted, it'd be funny if they didn't wield, you know, all the political power. (Courtesy alumiere, I think.)

Wow. Why Huxley was more right than Orwell. (I may have posted that before, but yeah.)



"As predictably as the leaves turn yellow in autumn, America turns pink each October with the arrival of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From shopping malls to football stadiums, the campaign's signature pink ribbons seem to be everywhere. Yet some experts are questioning whether this awareness campaign is truly helping women with breast cancer.

"The stark reality is that in the 26 years since the campaign began, deaths from breast cancer have dropped only slightly — about 2% per year, starting in 1990. According to the National Breast Cancer Coalition in Washington, D.C., 117 women in the U.S. died of breast cancer every day in 1991; today that number is 110. 'I don't think people understand the lack of progress,' says Fran Visco, the coalition's president."