October 1st, 2010


Militias, O'Donnell, and Gliese 581g

"In a reversal of casting, the armed antigovernment movement describes itself as heir to the founders. As they see it, the union that the founders created is now a foreign tyrant. 'It's like waking up behind enemy lines.'"

* Why we cannot ignore domestic policy when waging war overseas.
* Fort Hood hit by rash of suicides.
* Motrin recall issue points to one of those places where regulation is a good thing.
* What if you got a receipt for what your taxes help pay for?
* Solid gold: a collection of quotes on the issues by Christine O'Donnell.
* "The Stuxnet story raises the question of what the consequences of using a cyberweapon might be."
* China launches Chang'e-2 lunar probe.
* The Explainer on why we won't be visiting Gliese 581g anytime soon.