September 26th, 2010


this, that

Fun night Friday, game night that was more of a party for elizardaa's birthday. Got to see a bunch of people I don't see often. Also, ate a Baconzilla. Nom. Will have to head back soon for actual board gaming!

Thereafter, showed a bunch of the Lady Gaga videos to a certain friend, in order. And let me tell you, there is a clear progression from 'average-ish pop music video' to 'wow, crazy.' Also, I have to rule that the "Alejandro" video is totally NSFW.

Saturday, impromptu shopping for used DVDs, then impromptu grocery shopping for finger foods, and picking a movie basically out of a hat. Proof that plans are not necessary for a swank evening.

Today, relaxing with the daughter, who I wish inherited my immune system. Maybe some minis work.