September 22nd, 2010


many good reads today

"Why has income inequality grown so explosively over the past 30 years? Why do so many working and middle class voters cast their ballots for a party that's so obviously a captive of corporations and the rich? Why is there no longer any real sustained effort to improve the lot of the middle class?"

* "The US recession lasted 18 months and was the most prolonged since World War II."
* Report finds the FBI abused its power after 9/11, investigating nonviolent groups and putting them on watch lists.
* Veterans with PTSD having trouble finding employment here at home.
* "Has the UN made the world a better place?
* Why the attempt to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' failed.
* Wow. Journalists in Mexico ask the cartels how they should handle things.
* The Republican plan to turn back time.
* The civilizations buried beneath our feet.


Welcome to America, 2010

"Sure, Stewart and Colbert are comedians and their rallies could wind up boosting ratings for their shows. But there's a serious point underlying these events. Media manipulation by professional partisans on both sides has become so predictable that satire has emerged as the last, best way to cut through the spin cycle. Viewers' intelligence is respected even as they are entertained, and between laughs the civic backbone begins to straighten a bit. News doesn't need to taste like medicine, and nonpartisan does not have to mean neutral.

"There is a silent majority of Americans who feel politically homeless in today's polarized debates. They are not activists obsessed with politics. But they are no less patriotic than the partisans. They are active citizens with busy lives. They view government as an attempt to solve problems, not a war between special interests or an hate-fueled ideological debate camp. And too often they are ignored."