September 21st, 2010


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Yes, I know they are just trying to create the next Lost. Yes, I know I am the target audience. I'm OK with that, even if they are sticking close to the format so far. They did put together a compelling pilot episode, and give me enough to make me want to find out more. So, yes, for now.


emphasis mine

"In this sense, you might think of the Tea Party as the Right's version of the 1960s New Left. It's an unorganized and unorganizable community of people coming together to assert their individualism and subvert the established order. But where the New Left was young and looked forward to a new Aquarian age, the Tea Party is old and looks backward to a capitalist-constitutionalist paradise that, needless to say, never existed. The strongest note in its tannic brew is nostalgia. Tea Partiers are constantly talking about 'restoring honor,' getting back to America's roots, and 'taking back' their country."