September 20th, 2010


Confessions, the English language, and the center of the world

* Good read: sorry, Kansas. What if one day your country woke up and found it wasn't the center of the world anymore?
* On water rights and the Nile. This is going to become a bigger topic in the future, and a scary one.
* Good read: no, a confession in a case might not always mean the defendant is guilty.
* Kevin Drum on jury selection shenanigans and, you know, Google. Seriously, flawed system folks.
* The 2012 field for Republicans is wide open, while 'values voters' ponder the tea partyists.
* Ugh. Cartoonist sent into hiding over 'draw Mohammad' day.
* NFL considers blacking out more games in local markets, to drive up ticket sales. This is what we call a terrible idea.
* How the Stewart/Colbert rally took shape.
* Gene Weingarten eulogizes the English language.