September 16th, 2010


The future of the presidency, poverty, and modern day knights

"Here's where we are in America, 2010: There is now one group of Americans whose peaceful religious observance cannot be noted by decent people, unless it is 'balanced' by the mention of a vile crime committed in 2001 by people, with a perverted idea of the same religion, from the other side of the world."

* Poverty rate on the rise.
* Putting Bush's tax cuts in perspective. Sure would have been nice if they cut spending by that much too.
* The real reason behind France's burqa ban.
* The future of the presidency.
* Can Democrats profit from tea party victories? Also, Colorado just got interesting.
* Ah, war profiteering.
* The City Paper also theorizes on where Fenty went wrong.
* The effect of social networking on our health.
* The EU is planning a large lunar lander.
* "All of us are looking to the past for something missing from the present." Gallery of modern knights in armor.