September 15th, 2010


the latest handful

Two pics of Riddler, the new cat:

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Still operating within all proper parameters. Last night, both slept on the couch while I was in the living room. Three feet apart! Of course, at one point, Kira woke up, walked over to Riddler, and hissed at him for no reason. And last night, Kira slept on M.'s pillow, while Riddler crashed out in the middle of the bed, again only feet away. Getting there!


'The Other,' the Tea Partys, and DiverseTea

* Good read: Mark Morford on the American need to demonize the Other. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* The final victory of the national security state?
* What lessons can we learn from the whole Quran burning news story?
* Heh. Dana Milbank on a more diverse tea party.
* Testing the tea party: will O'Donnell cost the Republicans the Senate? More from Nate Silver here. Matt Frei has a valid counterpoint.
* On that big arms sale we're making to Saudi Arabia. Also, one way it might impact the region.
* Good read: how Fenty lost. In other local news, Ehrlich wins the primary in MD, leading to a November rematch with O'Malley.
* Interesting! Records provide a window into Britain's prison ships from the 1800s.
* Concept art from the Paul Greengrass pitch to film Watchmen in 2005.


side note

Not going to be online as much for the next couple days, either from home or at work. Confluence of events. Nothing major. I'm still here, so don't think I don't still love you all. Just, be patient with my replies.