September 11th, 2010


a fragment

Nine years ago today, fewer than 100 men enacted a plot to reshape the world. Their plot succeeded, but as often happens with grand plans like that, their predictions for how the world will change was greatly mistaken. It's never the war you want. Still, an empire stumbled, and we remain in the shadow of what's to come.


Mexico, state secrets, and bin Laden

* Mass firings and outright mutiny on the Mexican police forces.
* What about a coherent alternative to our strategy in Afghanistan?
* Turns out a lot of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster just sank to the sea floor.
* Army specialist Salvatore Giunta awarded the Medal of Honor.
* The ugly specter of the 'state secrets' defense still looms.
* Good read: Ted Koppel, on how we can make sure Osama bin Laden doesn't win.
* In other news, many people are OK with letting tax cuts for the rich expire.
* What are the Democrats running on this fall?
* No wrap-up movie/mini-series for Heroes.