September 6th, 2010


Food prices, the Indian economy, and HBO's shows

* World leaders concerned about rising food prices.
* 'On jobs, US now ranks worse than similar nations.'
* Shocking! The Israeli settlements will still be a problem for the peace process.
* Is India's economy too good?
* FiveThirtyEight examines how the Democrats got in this position.
* Neat read: on what's next for cultural evolution.
* Cuban zombie movie? Yes please.
* Get healthy by eating like a medieval peasant.
* How HBO and the other premium cable channels decide which shows to renew.

Top Dollar

Happy Labor Day, everyone

"There's a peculiar feeling to any good-sized downtown around 3:30 in the afternoon - everything sags, and for a moment it just seems as if every artifice around you will collapse of its own exhaustion. The messengers will realize that no one really needs this document. The smokers will decide not to go back upstairs - what, the world's going to end if they don't finish the memo, file the report? The shopper in the diamond store thinks 'what is this? Clear rocks? What am I thinking?' Bankers look out the window and see a sky as gray as a gravestone; people on buses look out with blank expressions, equally disinterested in their destinations as their origin. Everything seems like a communal pretense, and you wish you didn't have to participate. It seems like a lot of work just to keep us all fed and clothed."
-James Lileks