August 30th, 2010


'Donor fatigue,' Beckapalooza, and soap operas

* "Our foreign policy is based on an illusion: that we are actually paying for it. What we are doing is borrowing and printing money to maintain our presence overseas. Americans are seeing the cost of this irresponsible approach as their own communities crumble and our economic decline continues."
* Great read: on 'donor fatigue,' natural disasters, and the future of climate change.
* Glenn Beck rally wrap-up by NPR. I think people will be surprised he went religious. Courtland Milloy discusses 'restoring America.' How right-wing apocalyptic views constrict constructive discussions. (Good read.)
* And not surprisingly, possible arson at future mosque site in Tennessee.
* Right. When they talk about transparency, they don't mean secretive corporate donations.
* Fingers crossed: outsourced call centers return stateside.
* Is the daytime soap opera truly dead?
* Oh, right, here's your Emmy winners. Congrats Top Chef and Robot Chicken.
* Ten things today's kids will never experience.