August 29th, 2010

Rock Star


Pretty epic weekend. Birthday party in VA on Friday; bit of a rocky road due to some, uh, unforeseen circumstances, but on the whole a good time.

Saturday, work was lame, but the commute home wasn't too terrible. Thereafter, party with the gaming people, which was fun. M. was, as always, the life of the party, and made a great impression. We were then lured out to the club by a bunch of people. Exciting event getting there, since we didn't technically know how to drive there, or the address, but called the overnight staff at work to check the Googles for me. And a rockin' time once we got there, with very keen cats. Night didn't end as well as I'd wished, and I am beat from a lack of sleep today, but on the whole, fancy weekend.

Couch potato-ing with the munchkin today, in between chores. Tomorrow, her first day of second grade. Rest of the week, already packed.