August 27th, 2010


sad but true

"But this is also a commentary on the media. It's hard for progressives to get any coverage when they talk about falling wages or unequal incomes. Yet the mere mention of the former governor of Alaska sets everyone in the media, well, atwitter. 'Palin' is a magic word on the Web, drawing big time page views both from her staunch supporters and from her many critics. Maybe if Trumka turns himself into one of Palin's leading public adversaries, his substantive comments will start getting attention. I would not, however, bet a field-dressed moose on that. And you betcha: I'm fully aware that this blog item will get above-average attention because it contains the magic word."


Secret police GPS, bullying, and Panzer 88

* WTF: federal appeals court rules police can secretly put a GPS on your car without a warrant.
* Good read: is the US in danger of collapsing? Reading between the lines in how we're handling problems.
* How the stimulus package is helping America.
* Why the DEA needs 'ebonics translators.'
* Glenn Beck brings his own brand of controversy to DC.
* How to stop bullying among young girls.
* MGK vs. nerdcore.
* James Cameron has high aspirations for the Avatar franchise.
* 'Weird war' action comes to the big screen with Panzer 88.