August 26th, 2010


In Theaters: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Sunday we caught Scott Pilgrim vs. the World down in Rockville. Good times! Yes, there were changes from the comic, but they kept in a lot, including some key elements of the visual style. I felt it worked surprisingly well. Not always deep, but they kept a fun tone. I had my reservations about Michael Cera, but he did a good job, as did Ramona and the rest of the (numerous) supporting cast, with bonus points for Kieran Culkin and flippin' Brandon Routh. Worth seeing on the big screen.

New trailers:
* Going the Distance - Decent cast, but romantic comedy is not my thing. Bonus: Natalie Morales.
* Easy A - I don't know why this is tempting me, but it looks fun. Bonus: Malcolm McDowell (and like three others.)
* Jackass 3-D - I snickered at the trailer, but again, won't see this.
* Skyline - I do, on the other hand, love me some alien invasion movies. Looking forward to hearing more. Bonus: Donald Faison.


FOIA, Ugandan genocide, and Glenn Beck

* Devalued homes make job-seekers less likely to move.
* Gallery: five years after Hurricane Katrina.
* Good read: 'How to leave Afghanistan without losing.'
* What's in store at Glenn Beck's rally. Also, how it will be a measure of the Tea Party's strength.
* "It was a very chilling moment, because I'm sitting there with this man who's talking about his plans for genocide."
* Evidence of the White House politicizing FOIA requests.
* Fact-checking Boehner's economic speech.
* Interesting. Five countries willing to take the unwanted stuff no other country wants.
* Noted anime director Satoshi Kon passed away, as did 'the Star Hustler' Jack Horkheimer.